Cupboard love
Men (especially young) are often outraged: both partners get equal pleasure from love (and Hindus believe that women's pleasure is nine times stronger than male), and still the gentleman has…

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Parting as a life circumstance, as a reality - the decision that the future life together is inexpedient, physical removal (separation, termination of contacts) and termination of relations. Parting does…


And what should a man do with such a kitty?
Let us proceed from the fact that biology has nothing to do with this: this behavior of girls and women is only the result of appropriate education. But then -…

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Is it possible to create love without love
Sometimes it works. Who and under what conditions? Marriage of convenience There are interesting observations: if a family is created by decent people who can be grateful, then over time…

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Can love burn all my life?

Can love burn all my life? In short, then:
Love can not last forever and in certain periods goes out.
Love can burn all my life, but only in rare people of high level of development. That is – this pleasure is rare and expensive.
But a good and bright relationship in a couple is a much more realistic thing, and perhaps it is for this majority of intelligent people who should strive.
Now more. What to do to love all my life? When asked about love, I want to answer only with poems, but our answers will not be quite romantic, much will have to be clarified.
First, are you about love or love? Love can not burn forever.
Usually, being in love is three years (or less), then the body gets used and the chemistry stops working. Everything. Look for a new source of charm …
Chemistry ceases to act, but there are people who live in a loving state almost constantly. In this case, it is difficult to say that a person is in love with someone in particular, he is in love with life, and this is passed on to a specific person.
Then the first 3 years you love a girl, the following – your young wife, then Madonna and Child, then your first-grader’s mom and beautiful woman. And so on – until the fervent old woman, surrounded by a flock of grandchildren.
Changing the social role of a person and changing his inner world allows love to burn all his life – provided that this person knows how to love. Of course, the coloring of love also changes: another one gradually replaces the former love (romantic love, love-passion): love-joy, love-gratitude.
Now the main question: are you about love or about relationships? Love and relationships are different: you know couples who have very good and stable relationships with each other, but they don’t talk about love. When people ask for love for life, more often they mean something else: a good relationship for a long time. With love, everything is more complicated, and with relationships – easier. Maybe it should be this way: first, deal with relationships, make your relationships excellent with your loved ones, and then think about love and other beautiful things? Good relationships are quite real, and good relationships, caring for each other is the basis of love.
However, maybe your question “is it possible to love forever” is about something else. Maybe you want your feeling to be eternal in itself, without your efforts, you want to love all your life, without doing anything for it? If so, you can continue to want, but this is not the case. In itself, the eternal feeling does not happen: for some period – light up, but for life – no.
If you want to love all your life, then you must take care to live joyfully and be attentive to your loved ones. And so live the whole life. Actually, this is work, this is effort, but if you love, these efforts are joyful for you, and after years it is no longer hard, but natural and familiar.
Spoon work during breakfast is not hard for you? Here is the same.
Nothing complicated: you need to get enough sleep, do exercises, become organized, master internally Good and external Sun, learn to love – that is, in general, master the program Distance and other work on yourself. And if you are not going to work, dear romantic, in your life, eternal love will be mainly on TV.