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Do we have a love or a deal?
[caption id="attachment_165" align="alignleft" width="300"] [/caption] To the article "How to determine whether it is love or love?" the girl left a comment: "And what to do with self-esteem, if they…

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Two decent women account for one decent man.

Among women, the sad statement is often heard that there are few decent men. Strangely enough, in this case it is not a myth, it is true: statistically reliably for two decent women there is one decent man. However, the conclusions that can and should be drawn from here are not obvious. Moreover, as a rule, wrong conclusions are drawn from this, but in order to understand this, it is necessary to sort out this issue in more detail.
On average, 107 boys are born per 100 girls, 105 boys are born per 100 girls, somewhere between 18 and 20 the number of boys and girls is about the same, by the age of 30 there are 100 women for 90 men. Thus, at an age interesting for an active family life, the number of men is about the same as the number of women. However – attention! – now the most important thing.
With all due respect to “men in general”, it is necessary to recognize that particular men are very different in their quality in general and, in particular, in their suitability for sharing in a family. There are very worthy men, there are ordinary and different, and there are those with whom no respectable woman will associate her life. It is clear that most of the men are of normal quality, average men, and if the entire population of men is drawn on the chart, where the quality is vertical and the quantity is horizontal, then all this can be easily depicted in the form of a standing oval. So, if we draw a female population on the same axes, then we will have an oval of approximately the same area, but a lying one: see the picture “The ratio of the number of men and women in different categories.”
What does it mean? This means that in accordance with the theory of V.A. Geodakyan, the male population has a significantly greater variation in strengths and weaknesses than the female population. Simply put, the majority of women are generally decent enough people, but men are very different. Among men, there are always more people with disabilities in any direction.
Who is more alcoholics: men or women? Men Who is more, men or women – unable to have a sex life? Men-impotent more than categorically frigid women. Who often commits crimes and goes to prison? – Men.
This does not mean that men are worse than women, the point is different. According to genetics, nature is experimenting with men, and all the most reliable and proven is invested in women. Males are born initially with a wide range of qualities than females.
Height: it is men who are more often both giants and dwarfs, in women, as a rule, most often normal, medium height. Intellect: there are more morons and geniuses among men, and women are more likely to have normal, average everyday intelligence. Among homeless people, there are usually three or four former men per one former woman, but among the saints there are more men’s faces … Women are normal, men have features.
Hence the difference in the shape of the oval: the population of women is tightly crowded around of average quality, all women are mostly average decent, the oval is lying. And men have a much larger spread in both directions, and up and down, the oval is standing. And from this the most serious consequences follow.
To describe them, let’s divide both populations, male and female, into three parts. The middle is normal men and normal women. Downstairs – unfortunately, sucks. Above – the elite.
The name is conditional, but it is difficult to choose the best. These are not elite, but simply the best men and the best women. I want to believe that you have met beautiful, decent, healthy mind and body of people in your life. Or be sure to meet.
What is the everyday situation of a woman, let’s call her Masha, if Masha is an ordinary average woman among ordinary women. She is interesting to men, men are interesting to her, only: what men are we talking about? Men in the category “sludge” will have to be crossed out right away: men who have completely disappeared for Masha are not interested, she does not consider them. We’ll delete from 100 men 20. Unfortunately, the men in the “elite” category will have to be crossed out too: princes are looking for princesses, Masha has little chance there. Of the remaining 80, we delete another 20.
Total: for ordinary women, the situation is unfavorable: there are only 60 men for 100 normal women, with whom you can seriously create a normal family. It is clear that such a situation objectively places women in not very favorable conditions: men have a choice, and she is forced to act in a situation of tough competition. In this situation, a large number of women make the decision to fight for men, learn to actively win their attention, quickly tie themselves to themselves and hold them by any means. If there are no free men, such women are ready to repel men who are already family-run, including from their girlfriends … It seems that such decisions are not worthy.