Femininity as a way of life
If men take care of you a little, do not give up their place, admire little and say few compliments ... If you do not catch admiring glances of men…

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A real woman is always a cat
The girl blooms into a girl, the girl becomes a woman and goes hunting. Considering men and looking for a man for themselves, a woman is always looking for a…


How to determine this love or love?
I want so much to be loved! Without love, life can be full and fun, exciting and contented, but as long as a person is alive, the heart still asks…

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Parting as a life circumstance, as a reality - the decision that the future life together is inexpedient, physical removal (separation, termination of contacts) and termination of relations. Parting does…

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What kills love

Love is a perishable product, and if you don’t take special care of love, it quickly disappears by itself. Term – from a month to a year. However, let us clarify: in this case it is a question of ordinary love, which is usually not love at all, but only love or affection. True love has a different, more reliable nature, and over the years it only changes its shades, but does not disappear anywhere.
However, any love sometimes, but in fact quite often, we kill ourselves. Than? What kills love? We name only the most typical, most common moments.
First of all, this is negative – at least to yourself, at least to another. Love is always a little charm, always a little embellishment of a loved one (or a loved one), but if you have a habit of always being dissatisfied with something, if you are used to seeing something bad in everything, sooner or later it will start to kill your feelings. Not every satisfied person is a loving person, but a dissatisfied person cannot be loving.
When you are unhappy – criticism of others begins. And as soon as the criticism begins, love leaves. Criticism, discontent with others, often disguised as a desire to improve it, is one of the most common reasons for leaving love out of relationships.
Lecoq once wrote: “When a man buys a refrigerator, he understands why; and he remains satisfied with his refrigerator as long as he gives a cold. Why, when he marries a charming blonde, after a month he begins to complain that she doesn’t understand politics? ”If you married for the charm and golden hair of your girlfriend, then let every morning begin with admiring her golden curls, if suddenly today it does not fascinate you, then tell yourself honestly – it’s not a friend’s affair, but you …
If the partner demonstrates the same qualities and indicators as the purchase (sorry, acquaintance) – you can not have any complaints against him. If it spoils in the same proportion as you – relax …
Remember that you valued in a partner when you wanted to live with him, and continue to pay attention to these advantages of him in the first place.
Four causes of conflict behavior:
Avoiding failures
To attract attention,
Power struggle
Revenge, revenge.