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Love: sweet sickness of body and soul

Being in love is a trance state of charm and admiration, attraction and affection, a mixture of hormone chemistry and romantic passion. In fiction, as in everyday communication, love is called love, considered a kind of love, although between them only the external similarity. Love, sweet sickness of the soul and body – this is the most common and the brightest fake love.
Love and love are not to be confused, they are as different things as an exclusive masterpiece and consumer goods from the bazaar.
Are different types of love equivalent? Is it possible to say that some form or kind of love is more perfect than another? Is it possible to find the most perfect kind of love? All these are questions about the Formula of Love: a short formulation that expresses the essence of Love with a capital letter. See love formula
The ability to love is an indicator of mental health and wealth, and the tendency to fall in love speaks rather about children’s personality traits, and in some cases, neurosis.
However, to understand what love is different from love, wanting a little, and love was and remains the most sought-after and popular topic of both fiction and psychological training. People want to fall in love, and even more so that they fall in love with them. To fall in love is cool and status, and to see those in love with you is cool and status doubly, so the pickup and the art of seduction always have their own keenly interested audience.
It is necessary to recognize that when love is dressed in clothes of love, it is amazingly beautiful. The best works of art, the most vivid poems and the most incredible follies born of love – or rather love, rose, even if only for a short time, to love.
Goodbye every moment
We celebrated as Epiphany,
Alone in the whole world. You were
Faster and easier bird wing,
The stairs are like dizziness,
Through the run down and led
Through the wet lilac in their possession
On the other side of the mirror glass.
When night fell, I had mercy
Granted altar gates
Opened and glowed in the dark
And slowly nodded,
And waking up: “Be blessed!” –
I spoke and knew that boldly
My blessing: you slept,
And touch the eyelids of the blue universe
For you lilac stretched from the table
And blue eyelids touched
They were calm, and the hand of heat.
Author Arseny Tarkovsky
Being in love is like a potent medicine: it saves someone, it kills someone, in any case it creates a lot of noise and worries around it. Falling in love at a certain age is not difficult – a lot of mind is not needed, for this, first of all, you need a state of prejudice: a special nervous state, when you really want to fall in love and ready. Ready to “fall in love.” In English, it sounds like: “fall in love”. In Russian it is formulated differently: “I fell in love with it,” “I crush it,” “I got the roof from him,” “it blows my mind off …”
No matter how mysterious love it seems, it usually arises by a fairly standard formula. Namely, Love = Premonition + Sealing the Beloved + Promotion of the experience of love. Unfortunately, according to the same standard formula, falling in love usually ends: addiction – disappointment – disassembly. Romantic passion lasts a maximum of three years, then the body gets used and the chemistry ceases to act. That is why tying love and something serious, such as a family, is rather dangerous. “Love” is gone, withered tomatoes, and you have news: you are already waiting for a child …
Love is like a wild, unbroken stallion. From afar – beautiful, near – scary. An inexperienced rider on such a stallion will carry half a yard, trample others and eventually break his neck. An experienced fighter from such a stallion will bring up his best horse … – so, love can grow out of love, and only such love can burn all his life.
Love is less common than falling in love, and requires more depth and wisdom from a person. Love, as a reflection of culture, must be brought up within oneself. To fall in love, enough to be healthy. To be loving and to love, there is so much to learn. Love needs to be learned, and love needs to grow. But just as a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step, so the road to love begins, as a rule, from falling in love. Love can grow to love – if you set yourself such a task. A more difficult task is to create love where there was initially no love. Sometimes this is also possible, if you manage to create a strong relationship, if the soul is healthy and to love – it stretches.