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Love and psychological conflict

We are selfish by nature. Therefore, in our relationship, from the very beginning, a psychological conflict is already hidden – if I cannot live without a loved one, then I cannot do anything without it.
I think of a loved one. I am writing sms-ki favorite person. I fantasize about meeting. I remember the past.
On the other hand, if I realize myself in some kind of activity, then to the detriment of love. And how to be here?
Careerists know their answer to this question – we sacrifice relationships. For romantics, this answer is completely different – what could be more important than love. Both are right in their choice. But in both cases, this is a weak solution. Is it possible otherwise?
One of the ways to resolve this conflict beautifully is to unite your own self-realization with your loved one. The practical conclusion: to love means self-realization in the name of a loved one.
Offer another solution to this conflict, and you will have a different meaning of love. At the same time, if there is no beloved woman or man now, then parents can be as beloved person. As a favorite may be children. And in a pinch, I personally. What does it mean to love yourself so much? This means every day self-realization in the name of itself.
I think we should clarify the phrase “in the name of a loved one.” How should it be understood? To live “in the name of” is to live, glorifying the name of a loved one. This can be pleasant, but only if a loved one is in need of glorification, gaining recognition among the environment. Otherwise, effort may not be appreciated. Therefore, in order for self-realization to be always valuable, it is necessary to direct it to meet the current needs of a loved one. And current needs are constantly changing. So there are plenty of opportunities for self-realization. This process can be eternal.
Practical conclusion: the possibilities for self-realization are in the current needs of a loved one.
And finally. A bright thought: love can not be from time to time, you need to love every day. Summing up the answer to the question of what love is, we can say: love is daily self-realization to meet the needs of a loved one. Agree, some kind of mechanical taste from this phrase, no matter how correct it may be. And at the beginning of the note, I warned that we want artistic images, miracles from love. Let’s say the same phrase more artistically.
Art of love
The phrase “daily” is replaced by the artistic image “from dawn to dusk” and / or “from first to last breath”. The phrase “self-realization” is replaced by the image of “getting better.” The phrase “satisfaction of needs” is replaced by the image “fulfillment of desires”. Voila!
Love is the desire from the first breath at dawn to the last breath at sunset to become the best for the fulfillment of the desires of a loved one. Agree, beautiful and to the point.