Love and relationship
Love and relationships are different things. There are couples with fiery and bright love - and with difficult, ill, unresolved relationships. There are couples with well-built and mutually supportive relationships,…

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Cupboard love
Men (especially young) are often outraged: both partners get equal pleasure from love (and Hindus believe that women's pleasure is nine times stronger than male), and still the gentleman has…


Pictures of happiness and love
Happiness pictures - images-pictures, applying which to life, we learn: “This is happiness!” If there are no happiness pictures, you can live in the most comfortable conditions, many luck may…

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Scale Love
Its task is to assess its own attitude to love and determine the direction for personal development. The use of the scale forces us to carefully and self-critically evaluate ourselves…

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Kiss as an expression of emotions
Kiss is one of the ways to express human emotions, as a rule – warm and loving relationships.
By the nature of the feelings they express, the following types of kisses can be distinguished:
A love kiss – expressing feelings of love and passion between lovers. Love kisses, which not only express emotions, but also excite partners, can be divided into gentle and passionate.
Gentle kisses – kisses on the lips or other parts of the body, characterized by a short time of touch.
Passionate – on the contrary, sometimes lasting for a long time. Are carried out, most often, in the lips. With a passionate kiss of two people with their lips – the mouth can open slightly, which allows you to add to the touch of your lips a touch of the tongue, biting your teeth. A light bite as a kiss can also be made in other parts of the body, usually in the neck, earlobe, less often in intimate parts of the body. Passionate kisses in front of people are often condemned by society.
Friendly kiss – expressing feelings of friendship and affection for another person. Most often, a person’s cheek kisses, less often a hand (usually the face of the opposite sex). The touch of the lips, as such, may not be, it is important the image of the movement, the designation of a kiss. Often used a series of several, usually three, kisses.
Honorable kiss – expressing the respect of reverence for the person or subject. Man in this case, kiss hands. Less legs, which is an expression of extreme degree of admiration. Kissing objects are often the subject of worship not on their own, but in connection with their relationship to other people, events. Honorable kiss can also occur without touching the lips, but only by their close presentation to the surface of the target body part or the surface of the object.
Affectionate kiss – expresses feelings of emotion, joy. Most often addressed to small children, animals. In this form of a kiss, lips rarely kiss. Children kiss on the cheeks, nose, forehead. Less often in other parts of the body. Animals kiss in the face – in the nose, forehead, cheeks. Almost always there is a direct touch of the lips. Sometimes as such a kiss (especially with animals) it is used not to touch the lips, and cheek.
Father / filial / brotherly kiss – expresses feelings of family affection between family members. Kisses forehead, cheeks; occasionally – lips (almost always of the opposite sex). Almost always there is a touch. Often used a series of several, usually three, kisses.
A kiss is a type of love or friendly kiss, meaning a person’s attention or flirting. It is performed by kissing the palm of your own hand and then directing it towards the person to whom the kiss is intended. After the direction of the palm, the kisser blows on her, as if trying to convey a kiss through the air, where his name comes from. Sometimes a kissing person simply depicts a kiss with the lips of the air towards the person being kissed.
Judas kiss is an expression of outward, ostentatious affection and reverence.
Kiss in sex
In addition to the above, a kiss in sex is also informative. Sexologists have long noticed that the movements of women speak the language of the desired movements of the male penis. Simply put, during the prelude, the penetration of the tongue when kissing is deeper than usual, most often indicates a woman’s readiness for sexual intercourse. Such a subconscious signal of a woman can help a man not to start a coitus too early, and not to miss the peak of a woman’s arousal.