Love Formula
The formula of love should not be confused with the formula of love. The formula…

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They quarrel with you - it means you are needed!
A cat came to the man's house. She came to the man and stayed with…


How to make up with a guy?
Objectively, it is easier for a girl to make up with a guy than a…

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Love and relationship
Love and relationships are different things. There are couples with fiery and bright love -…

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A real woman is always a cat

The girl blooms into a girl, the girl becomes a woman and goes hunting. Considering men and looking for a man for themselves, a woman is always looking for a good owner for herself: that strong person who will protect and feed her. Having found such a person, she is looking for strings that will give her access to his heart.
Men are invaders, they need to win all and be first in everything. The task of the woman is different – to capture the invader. She should get the heart of the winner, so that he himself brought everything to her feet and asked her to accept these gifts. A real woman will never compete with a man, instead she will arrange a situation where he will seek her, and she will build artificial barriers to get him more expensive.
When a man became her, the woman of this owner is trained. She has a great task: she needs to accustom her master to the fact that with her he can only act in an amicable way. She teaches him patiently. When he is gentle with her, she is gentle with him. If he is distracted from her and does not guess what she wants, she gently hurts him, shows him his heartache. If he dares to demand something from her, or not to give her what she wants, she either falls down without force, or makes a tantrum, showing by this what the attitude towards her is – a dead end. A woman will obey her master only in two cases: when she is well rewarded for it or when she wants it herself.
A woman lives with feelings, that is, with what was born or reflected in her body. If you turned to her mind, but she didn’t feel it in herself, this is not real for her. You can logically prove to the girl what you want, your logic can be impeccable, but if the girl feels that you are not right, but she, she will be right. A woman decides everything herself, because she lives in feelings, and feelings live in her. If a woman felt something, she now knows the truth, but she cannot walk against the truth, that is, against herself.
A woman easily obeys circumstances. Unlike men who love to fight, it is much easier for a woman to adapt. A woman is executive when her boss is not her man for her, but she will never submit to any man if she is her man and she is “in a relationship” with him. The cat does only what she decided.
If the cat is chased away, she will leave, but she will leave herself. If you have forgiven the cat and allowed her to return, she will come to you, but only after you ask for forgiveness from her.
Obeying a woman never unconditionally submits. If something is demanded of her, she will always verify your demand with her feelings. If she treats you well, she will do what you want from her, but not because she owes, but because she decided not to upset you. If you ask her to do something immediately, you still have to wait. A woman can not do something right away, she must – “tune in.” What is tune in? It means to find something in yourself, after which she will do it as her own. When a woman does not want to do what she was told directly, she exposes the circumstances of the “force majeure” that prevents her from doing it, and you will have to put up with it: after all, she herself is not against it, these are the circumstances.
When a man does something like that, he does it explicitly, and his “insuperable circumstances” can always be discussed. And you will not discuss anything with a woman, because she refers to her feelings. “I live by feelings, and if you made me feel that way, what can I do now?” She goes into the Sacrifice position, and you are the one who caused this.
When negotiating, a man clearly defines the framework with which he will correspond, and suggests equally to correspond to a partner. But this is not a feminine option, because here it is necessary to obey the framework, and the woman never submits to any framework. She obeys only her senses. The man and the man have a clear agreement: “I need this from you, from me then. For not doing – such sanctions. “Even a father and a son can agree among themselves, but the husband and wife do not build a relationship like this. Your beloved may even hear this, but if you make claims to her, she will tell you that this is a family, not a job, that you should understand it, that it is impossible to be a robot, and in general it is unbearable! When negotiating with a woman, you have to seduce her every time so that she has an inner desire to do what you have agreed. what do you perceive as a contract, a woman perceives only ka to your request to her.