How to make up with a girl?
To make peace with a girl and restore a relationship with her, you first need to ask her for forgiveness. Do not know how - learn (for example, at the…

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Love and family
Love is currently one of the most common reasons for creating a family, but not the only one. Families are not just for love. There are also completely random causes…


Love and relationship
Love and relationships are different things. There are couples with fiery and bright love - and with difficult, ill, unresolved relationships. There are couples with well-built and mutually supportive relationships,…

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A real woman is always a cat
The girl blooms into a girl, the girl becomes a woman and goes hunting. Considering men and looking for a man for themselves, a woman is always looking for a…

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Myths about love

Love without sex is not possible
It is believed that sex should be between loving people.
Indeed, sex is one of the strongest energies. But she has little to do with love. Love for children and parents, for work, brother for brother and sister for sister has nothing to do with sex. And these are not different types of love. Sex is one of the ways (tools). Love is a result that can be achieved ONLY due to a complex of methods (tools). And what tools to choose, we always decide.
There is a “lexir” of love.
Love is a certain one quality, the feeling of a person. Or there is one main secret of a man / woman how to make love. Or there is a conspiracy. Or there is an ancient potion. In general, there is one “thing” available only to initiates. And if to find / create this “thing”, then love comes.
Often, those who have learned the mysteries of life: priests, psychologists, actors, writers, and old people share this wisely “love vocabulary” wisely. For example: “Sterpovitsya-love” – ​​this is the very seed of love! “.
To find one single remedy for all misfortunes is the eternal dream of lazy people, philosophers. But the relationship of a person with a person, and especially love, is always a complex of diverse feelings. This is NOT one feeling. This is a “systemic”, complex state, woven from a multitude of looks, sounds, smells, ratings, dreams. Like, for example, a rainbow. This is not a particular object. This is a complex state of different objects together.
Now let us assume the reality of the existence of various conspiracies. A conspiracy is essentially an impact by a kind of “field” (spiritual, cosmic, biological, etc.). Again, remember, love is a “systemic” state. Therefore, the necessary different “field” effects. Different plots. And most importantly, to influence the “field” you need to understand what organ / feeling this or that “field” should influence. Then add up the “system”. But which organ / feeling of a person is to be influenced by a conspiracy so that a complex state (love) appears, neither the sorcerers, nor the healers, nor other extrobrates and sisters know.
Almighty love
It is believed that if a person sincerely learned to love, then his life became happy.
Love is really important for the feeling of the whole “taste” of life. But it is not the main and only one in the eternal cycle: to want – decide – organize – make – evaluate. If a person even truly loves, but cannot make a decision – there is not enough courage, then all his love will remain “in words”. And if he has made a decision, but he cannot organize himself, then forever something will prevent him from realizing his love in deeds. Those. from the relationship – I love – to the real act is a whole series of actions. And they also need to learn to do correctly.
Love should be in everything
The more we love, the more and more often we give. Because love is self-forgetting.
Handsomely! But in order to give something, you need to have it. To carry your beloved in your arms, you need to have the strength to do it. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to your sleep, nutrition, sport. To write poems, you need to have a good vocabulary and imaginative imagination. And for this you need to read and practice more. Those. to be able to selflessly love, you need to self-develop, to take care of yourself.