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In order not to suffer in the loss of a loved one

In order not to suffer in the loss of a loved one
If you have decided that it is important for you not to suffer, but it is important to take care, be attentive, and this is an indication that you love a person, you can educate yourself and train to stay bright and happy even if you are with your beloved for any reason you break up. Mental insurance technique helps this.
The technique of mental insurance should be done even at the first meetings with a person dear to you, while he is still interested in you, but you have not yet become attached to affection. As soon as you miss the moment and start to hurt – it’s already a little late. We must work earlier and ahead of the curve. How?
Here is a wonderful man, Sasha, sees a good girl. She likes him a lot and he became interested in her. But he has not yet grown to her soul, and therefore he is now looking at her, admiring. Presented her next to him – I liked it, it looks good. And it fits the size, and the eyes are cute, and the smell is good, and the touches are pleasant. And then he closed his eyes and presents: the girl leaves his picture. And you sit, chat with friends, talk, look at other girls. And ask yourself: are you well? And while you’re still not attached to the girl – what do you see? Wonderful friends, cool restaurant, delicious juice. Ask yourself: will you live without this girl? You know the answer: elementary, and three times. After this, your task is: always, when you meet this girl, if you don’t have a habit, on the one hand, sincerely admire her, but on the other hand, you constantly wipe her out of your picture, and ask – how can I live without it? And each time to answer this question correctly. Therefore, your task is to learn to love this girl, always takes care of her, and always know that if a girl leaves your life, your life will be beautiful. And this is your ability to love, the ability to care, and not to suffer, because people need your care, not your suffering. Suffering is a way to demand from another person: you see how I feel bad, therefore you, bastard, have to … It is a way to tie and pull from another person.
True, much here depends on your concept of love. Love for you: is it a gift or a pull?How to suffer from unhappy love
Take one human object of fertile age. If you are a boy, take the girl, if the girl – take the boy.
Start at 8pm on a Friday. Lie flat on the bed. Nitshok should last 60 minutes. If someone from the relatives is at the door, in this case, support the door with something heavy and answer all the cries with a cynical voice, “Everything is fine, leave me alone”. A cold voice is reached by sobbing for 8 minutes. Bitter girlish or mean male. Sobs should be silent.
Go back to point 2. You are lying prone, now you need to think. You need to think in order: a) how beautiful the object of love is in general b) how beautiful the object of love is in particular c) how unobtainable is the object of love d) how beautiful and inaccessible it is.
Now go deep. Think of the following: a) no one has such a smile b) no one has such a voice. At this stage, make the emphasis on “no one else!”
At this point, go deep yet. The given topic is “impossibility”. Think: what a pity that we can not be together, it is impossible.
Add “never”: it is a pity that we can never be together. It is never impossible.
Think about never detail, 5 minutes. Imagine a lonely old and unfulfilled life.
Sob silently, prone, in fists, bite your lips.
Add quiet tragedy and rest: roll over onto your back. Lie down so that the tears flow into your ears. Do not bite your lips yet.
Break. Get out of the house, go to the bathroom and blow your nose noisily. Peering, look in the mirror. The nose should be red and swollen. If not, you are tinker.
Return to the place of sobbing, lie there in a free posture and take a nap. You need to gain strength for the rest of the night.
At midnight, sit at the computer, display the portrait of the object on the screen and turn on your favorite romantic melody. Gently cursor over the object’s brow, lips and chin line. Whisper: “never.” 10 minutes.
Break for tea and pee for 15 minutes.
Remove the portrait of the object from the screen, leave the melody and make it loud. Lie back in your chair so that your head rests on something, close your eyes and imagine yourself and the object in different postures and life situations.
Shudder as if you are awake. Surround the surrounding objects with a mad look. Realize that there is no object with you. Sob. 40 minutes.
Break for a pee. Pour yourself a strong sweet coffee. Now you need physical endurance.
Alternately display all social networks. Minimize the windows, but do not close them. Climb into the first with photos.
Find in social networks in the specified order: the object, those who are close to the object, those who are looming in the background. Read about them all that you find over the past two years. 4 hours.
If the object has more than one hundred friends, select exactly 26 of any nicknames.
Search in comments on Yandex. Read the LJ everyone with an object left a comment.
By seven o’clock in the morning you should have a list of new objects, with whom you will compare yourself not in your favor.
If you hit an interesting magazine, read it and forget why you are here, go back to the previous paragraphs.
Add to the tragic romantic melody.
Go to bed, just pre-light the candle and whisper “never and impossible” to it. Blow out the candle and compare the little light with your life and love.
In the next three days, consolidate success: all the time, listen to “that” music and cry for the night.