What kills love
Love is a perishable product, and if you don’t take special care of love, it quickly disappears by itself. Term - from a month to a year. However, let us…

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Knight in shining armor
In the heart of every man there lives a hero or a knight in shining armor, most eager to succeed in the field of serving his lady and protecting her.…


Myths about love
Love without sex is not possible It is believed that sex should be between loving people. Indeed, sex is one of the strongest energies. But she has little to do…

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Do you know how to love? Art of love
Few people can love. If the main thing for you in love is to receive from your beloved what you need, you love yourself, not him, and in this sense…

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The Tale of Parting

For people who are prone to worry, parting is a rich, beloved tale, accompanied by deep experiences of usually negative nature. People usually begin to feel sadness, guilt, gratitude, love and other vivid emotions. Those who leave are beginning to be called “outcast”, which in the existing cultural tradition is considered a big blow to the person’s self-esteem and self-esteem. “Parting” – a popular theme of artistic and literary works.
Parting is what is understood and called by people as parting. There are no physical circumstances determining whether there is a separation or not. If a loved one went on a business trip for a month, a year or more, but he writes and loves – there is no separation, people did not part. If the lover said: “That’s it, we are breaking up!”, But he is also a work colleague at the same time – according to the tale there is a separation, although contacts continue.
The Tale of Parting – the stabilizer, the preservation of existing relationships. The experience of parting inspires people with the value of existing pairing relationships and prevents the formation of new relationships. Those who are close to this tale are wondering about “the reasons for separation” and “is it possible to avoid separation?”, Bearing in mind that separation is something negative. The story of separation – a way to manipulate those who are planning a new relationship. The theme of “separation” usually creates a sense of guilt and prevents the cessation of previous relationships.
Those to whom this sad tale of parting is not close, do not speak of parting. They do not part, they go further down the road of life, creating new acquaintances and new relationships. With a positive outlook on life, the termination of some relationships is the opening of opportunities for creating new relationships.
People, in principle, not prone to experiences and fairy tales, in principle, use a different terminology: to create promising contacts and relationships, to close unpromising contact and relationships. Parting as a stage in mutual relations, like a fairy tale – the final distance of close people on the initiative of one or both parties.