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Love Formula

The formula of love should not be confused with the formula of love. The formula of love tells about the conditions when we fall into the state of love-love. The formula of love – says that as we can and should give to those whom we love.
The search for the formula of love is the search for a short formulation that expresses the essence of Love with a capital letter. It seems, however, that there is absolutely no one Formula. There are different strong formulations, each of which highlights its meaning in true love.
Love is the desire to give anything, without a difference.
If you want to get more from another, you are either a normal egoist, or you have hot love. If you have a desire to give, you either drank or really love another person.
Love is a joyful care.
Love is business, it is caring for the one or the one you love. But you can take care and with anguish, with a feeling of martyrdom: “Here, I care, I have to, because who else will take care?” “No, martyrdom is not love.” Love, when and if you care in joy, when you want to take care, when you are grateful to your loved one for the opportunity to take care of him.
Love is a feeling WE
For many people, the formula of love is: “Love is when the other has become a part of your life, and cares about it as naturally as it takes care of itself. Love is a feeling WE”
I feel good about what is good for you
If I feel good about what is good for another person, if I want him to be even better, and if I do everything for this, then I love that person. A similar wording: “Love is an attitude when a necessary condition for my happiness is the happiness of another.” Here is also not always the simple question of “What is better for another person?” The happiness of a young child is a cart with ice cream and a lollipop without end. Will it give them as loving parents? For a balanced, thoughtful answer to this question, it is useful to use the concept of perceptual positions. See →
Male and female approach
Interestingly, men and women have a different perception of love. Women are more often processors and live by feelings, responsibility is not close to them, but care is understandable. They are closer to the formula of love: “Love is a joyful care.” Men are more often resultants, they live with intelligence and demand behavior. The male love formula: “Love is responsible behavior.” The formula of love in adults: “Experience, knowledge of scripts, languages ​​and notes of love. Qualification, ability to love. Discipline to do it every day.”
Quality of love
Are different types of love equivalent? Is it possible to say that some form or kind of love is more perfect than another? Is it possible to find the most perfect kind of love?