The mechanism of convergence can be described through the metaphor of flowing water. Here comes the dense stream. He rests against the barrier, for some time he stands in front…

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Can love burn all my life?
Can love burn all my life? In short, then: Love can not last forever and in certain periods goes out. Love can burn all my life, but only in rare…


In order not to suffer in the loss of a loved one
In order not to suffer in the loss of a loved one If you have decided that it is important for you not to suffer, but it is important to…

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So what is love?
What is love? For centuries, different people have tried to give different answers to this question. But at least there is no practical answer. I have not met for 6…

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Knight in shining armor

In the heart of every man there lives a hero or a knight in shining armor, most eager to succeed in the field of serving his lady and protecting her. Trust activates this noble part of his nature. He becomes more caring. Without feeling confidence, the man gradually loses his liveliness, energy, and in the end, he completely ceases to show concern.
Imagine a knight in shining armor, who slowly and dejectedly rides his horse through the desert terrain. Suddenly, female cries and sobs reach his ears. The knight instantly comes to life, plunges a spur into the mount, and rushes to the castle visible far in the distance. Plaque, he finds a dragon, trying to polonit the beautiful princess. The knight draws his sword, kills the dragon, and the princess happily thanks the savior.
Then the gates, and the family of the princess, swing open, and with it all the subjects greet and praise the hero and invite him to stay in their city. The knight and the princess naturally fall in love with each other.
A month later, the noble knight again went on a campaign. On the way back, approaching the castle, he hears his beloved calling for help: another dragon attacked the castle. The knight starts up his horse at full speed, and the board, draws his sword and is ready to fight the monster.
But before he manages to do this, the princess shouts to him from the window:
– Do not use the sword, take this lasso better! From him more confusing.
She throws him a lasso and shows him how to handle him. The knight with some hesitations follows the instructions of the beloved. He throws a lasso around the dragon’s neck and tightens the loop tightly. The enemy is defeated, everyone is happy and happy.
However, during the festive dinner the knight does not leave the feeling that he did not do anything heroic. After all, he took advantage of the princess’s lasso, and not his own sword, therefore, in his opinion, he did not deserve the admiration and trust of the inhabitants of the city. After the feast, the man looks slightly depressed and forgets to shine his armor to shine.
Another month passes, and the knight is going on another campaign. When, already riding on his horse, with a sword on his side, he is ready to go in search of new exploits, the princess advises him to be careful and take the lasso with her. After finishing all the work and approaching the castle, the knight sees that another dragon is trying to attack him. He draws his sword, but the raised hand was already falling: or maybe it would be better to use a lasso? Its oscillation lasts no longer than a second, but the dragon manages to exhale a stream of flame and burn his right arm. The bewildered knight looks up and sees that the princess is waving to him from the castle window:
– Throw you this lasso, try better poison!
And throws him a bottle. The knight manages to throw him into the mouth of the dragon, he dies, and everyone is happy again. And the knight is ashamed.
Another month passes, and the knight again sets out. When he, with a sword at his belt, sits on his horse, the princess reminds him: “Be careful, do not forget the lasso and poison.” He is already depressed from her prompts, but he still obeys.
On the way back, the knight again hears women’s screams. He rushes to the rescue; his depressed mood vanished, he was full of energy and faith in himself. But, ready to slay the dragon and already clutching at the hilt of the sword, suddenly, like last time, begins to doubt: “What to use is a sword, a lasso or poison? What would the princess advise? ”
His doubt lasts only a moment. Then he remembered how he was before meeting the princess, having only the right sword with him. And – down with all the excess! The knight flings away the lasso, a bottle of poison, and draws his sword. The dragon is defeated, the inhabitants of the city rejoice.
The knight in shining armor no longer returned to his princess. He healed quite happily in a new place. In the end, he even got married, but first he made sure that his new beloved had no idea about the existence of arcana and poisons.
In every man lives a knight in shining armor. Remember this metaphor: it will not let you forget about the immediate needs of a man. Although sometimes he is able to appreciate your help and care, their excess will deprive him of self-confidence or turn him away from you altogether.