Do you know how to love? Art of love
Few people can love. If the main thing for you in love is to receive…

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They quarrel with you - it means you are needed!
A cat came to the man's house. She came to the man and stayed with…


Pictures of happiness and love
Happiness pictures - images-pictures, applying which to life, we learn: “This is happiness!” If there…

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What is love worth?
"I love you!" - what are these words worth? "I love you, dear, but today…

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And what should a man do with such a kitty?

Let us proceed from the fact that biology has nothing to do with this: this behavior of girls and women is only the result of appropriate education. But then – is it necessary to educate girls? Will women with a similar style of behavior be happy in their personal lives, will their loved ones be happy next to them? The question is not simple. If this is the style of behavior of an elite woman, who thereby emphasizes her exclusivity and willingness to build relationships only with the strongest and most worthy men – everything is correct, all the more so for a strong man the behavior of such a Kitty is not a problem. If the usual young girl behaves this way only because for young people she is now sexually attractive, it’s more likely a ridiculous behavior that in some years will harm her herself. Indeed, her attractiveness in ten years is no longer the same, but the absurd and arrogant behavior remains. Who needs a woman with that character? Kisa will meow less and less often and hiss from loneliness … It is not good. Girls, do not rush to learn cat habits, hurry to bring up an elite woman.
Dear women, you better not read this. This will cause you to protest, you will be outraged and accuse the author that he rudely throws out his problems on unhappy women. However, I will continue.
First: dear young men and interested men, do not try to deal with difficult situations with girls in the language of logic. Do not shout: “Well, why, we agreed? Well, why, this is not logical?” Remember a simple circumstance: if the levers of pressure on the side of the girl, the contract and the logic do not mean anything to her. If she knows that in the event of a break, you will stray behind her, then why bother with something else?
That is why an adult man, no matter how he is in love, always remembers the main thing: he has his way and his business, girls can join him in the way of his life, but they join him on his terms, and not he to them . If a girl strains a relationship to break, she will only get a break. He is ready for this and is ready to ask her: “Are you ready for this?”
And if you are not ready to break, go cry: in your relationship there is no perspective. Point.
Second: increase your price in the marriage market. As soon as you become a status, wealthy, with a cheerful and confident style of communication, as soon as many women begin to stare at you, you suddenly notice that your Kisa is becoming more and more docile … Do not expect miracles from psychology, no magic pill here No: if you are low in the market today, women with the best character will not shine for you. Think about it, think, this is the most useful direction of thought!
Third: learn from women their art. When you will be able to play relationships no worse than they play, when you start to enjoy positional struggle and emotional attacks, when you learn to manipulate other people’s feelings as beautifully as women do, women will treat you differently. Love – with love, but after hitting you, you met with a brighter return trip, answered the flash with warmth, and with tears – with a calm understanding, the beloved will understand that there is a professional in front of her. And since the professionals do not fight each other, it is more expensive for itself, it will set aside its weapon. So that’s great!
Fourth: any woman needs to be built. If you do not begin to build a woman, she begins to build you. Where to begin? With format. Format is the art of extinguishing the undesirable behavior of a woman at the very first stage, while emotions have not yet unwound, and bad behavior has not yet become a habit. The format is absolutely a magic thing, and if you do not know what it is yet, quickly find out and implement. If you are building a serious relationship with a woman, be sure to discuss with her the Family Contract Questionnaire, special attention – how to negotiate, and under this agree to learn to talk to each other with respect. You are waiting for the wonderful exercises “Soft intonation”, “Repeat, agree, add” and “What do you think?”
And finally, the fifth: a woman needs to love, that is, look at her with admiring eyes, take care of and cherish her, read the most enthusiastic poems to her, give flowers and be ready to give her the whole world (except for your work: this is an inviolable territory, you remember). All real women are waiting for this fairy tale, where she will be a princess and the enchanted prince will come to her: you need to become this prince and present this fairy tale to your beloved woman. Of course, to love a woman and admire a woman is a forbidden technique, they are most often used by professional fraudsters and ladies’ men, and women in their hands are melting, becoming obedient and tame … You need to master this as well, just remember – apart from the “build” method “love” does not work.It needs to be alternated, and the best ratio is: 10 to 1. If you just build everything, everyone will quickly run away from you, and you will have nobody to build. If you only love and build nobody, soon everyone will be on your neck. If you give a woman a fairy tale, kiss her fingers and your admiring eyes are chained to her, then she will understand and forgive your short educational attacks. Moreover, she will begin to respect you, because only a strong man can tame a woman. Women obey only strong men – be strong!