Knight in shining armor
In the heart of every man there lives a hero or a knight in shining…

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Pictures of happiness and love
Happiness pictures - images-pictures, applying which to life, we learn: “This is happiness!” If there…


I do not like those who like me
"I don't like those who like me. And those I like, I don't like me!"…

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The mechanism of convergence can be described through the metaphor of flowing water. Here comes…

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Love men and women

When people talk about love, they most often mean love between a man and a woman. You can talk about other areas of love – about love for children, for parents, about love for the Motherland or God, but it seems that the love of a man and a woman is the source of a conversation about love in general.
In the literature on love between a man and a woman, they write a lot and beautifully. In philosophical and theological treatises on love they write deeply and sublimely, I mean first of all high, pure love, Love with a capital letter. In ordinary life, love is not often found, but what is found on a high love seems a little. More often, love is a bodily craving for another person with sexual overtones, sometimes it is falling in love, sometimes affection. True love, like a high relationship between a man and a woman, is loved to dream, to suddenly get it in your life, but rarely anyone is willing to learn to love, few are willing to invest in relationships so that they become relationships with love.
Someone is looking for love, someone is running away from her, someone does not appreciate her, someone cherishes her very much. People have fun with love, people obey love, people grow with love and die from love. Love, which is on TV and on the Internet, is more a social game of men and women, where everyone hunts for his prey: however, when it seems to a man that he achieved his beloved, the beloved inside himself shouts: “Hurray, he is caught!”
At the beginning of a relationship, people are interested in how to win the attention and heart of a loved one, how to declare love and understand whether you really love. With the further development of relations, busy people care about where to find time for love, how to love, how to develop love, how to love to learn, although requests are more massive – how to save love or how to part if love has exhausted itself. If not everything is going well, there are questions – how to fall out of love and how not to suffer when you lose a loved one.
Love between a man and a woman can be very different: love and love, love-passion and love-habit, consumer love and love giving … What determines these different kinds of love? What determines how we love? What kind of love – it largely depends on what lies at its core: physiology or social stereotypes, feelings or mind, a healthy and rich soul – or alone and lost … The love of each of us is a reflection of our personality, and our common to people and life, the development of our positions of perception largely determines the type and nature of our love.
Love does not boil down to sexual attraction, but sexual attraction is the most traditional basis of love (in neurobiology, based on the study of the work of the brain of lovers, love is defined as “dopaminergic goal-setting motivation to form pairing”). For youthful love, sexual desire is almost always. In relationships of mature people, sexual desire is more hidden, but it does not disappear anywhere: interruptions in sexual life and the accumulation of sex hormones as a result of this usually makes the relationship more tender.
It is necessary to talk about love for a long time, but if it is short, then love is unselfish and joyful care. This is a concern, but unlike consumer services, taking care is a joy! Let me make you happy!
If an adult, intelligent and responsible person loves, other requirements are added to love: love should not be blind, but sighted and intelligent, not only feeling, but also responsible behavior. Love without respect is short-lived and fickle; respect without love is cold and feeble.
Unless, of course, we are talking about love, not just love. Many people confuse love and love, but in vain …
In this case, love is not just a certain behavior and feelings, it is a certain way of life with its values, worldview, focus of attention and even breathing and intonation. Living with love, living in a state of love is quite real, it is quite worldly acceptable, good for health, socially welcomed and brings not only joy, but also more weighty life benefits.