The Tale of Parting
For people who are prone to worry, parting is a rich, beloved tale, accompanied by deep experiences of usually negative nature. People usually begin to feel sadness, guilt, gratitude, love…

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Love and intimate relationships
Studies by ethologists have shown that the characteristics of men's and women's behavior are not unique: many animals have the same differences. Monkey males have better spatial abilities and are…


Love and family
Love is currently one of the most common reasons for creating a family, but not the only one. Families are not just for love. There are also completely random causes…

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Love and relationship
Love and relationships are different things. There are couples with fiery and bright love - and with difficult, ill, unresolved relationships. There are couples with well-built and mutually supportive relationships,…

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How to make up with a girl?

To make peace with a girl and restore a relationship with her, you first need to ask her for forgiveness. Do not know how – learn (for example, at the University of practical psychology), but if you were wrong, you are sorry and ask for forgiveness. If you like a girl, you have more flowers.
At the same time, there are frequent situations when both sides were wrong – you and the girl as well. So, in this case, all the same, we begin by asking for forgiveness, flowers and restoring the relationship. And then – options. If a girl is smart and appreciates you, then after that we discuss her behavior. If a girl is only a girl and does not yet consider it necessary to think, then direct conversation is meaningless. Justice will not be here, it is still inevitable. Earn yourself a different price in the marriage market, become more expensive in the eyes of the girl, and when she really starts to value you, then in case of a quarrel – after a quarrel – you can discuss both your and her behavior.
But to ask for forgiveness and flowers – from you always, and first of all.
More and the points.
At the beginning – learn to control yourself and not to quarrel without a serious reason. Do not quarrel at all – perhaps you will not succeed so far, not all at once, but if you like a girl, behave as you did in the first days when you were crazy about her. So, do not raise topics for which you usually quarrel (quickly remember what those topics are), and if a friend raises such a topic, quickly transfer the conversation to something else, more positive. If the quarrel is still brewing, do the feat: smile and say: “I need to think,” then go for a walk. In nature, in the fresh air – cool.
By the way, you can buy one flower and bring it to a girl just like that. So tell her: “Just like that. Because I love you.” Perhaps after this the subject of the quarrel will disappear.
If the quarrel began, it is for you the training of combat skills and at the same time the training of patience. First of all, try to identify two things: what you want and what your friend wants. Notice – not what infuriates you, but what you want. If you can clearly articulate this, it will be easier to agree. Second, watch for yourself. It is better to be silent than to say a lot of excess and then regret it. And most importantly – watch, at some point it may suddenly turn out that your girlfriend is right and tells you where you are wrong. So – here you need to calmly and directly agree with this. It usually does not change the essence of the matter, you may be wrong on trifles, but it makes an impression, and your girlfriend will respect you more for that. And if it turned out that you were wrong not on trifles, but in fact, then even better: you got up, embraced, agreed with her and – the most difficult point has already been passed. Further it will be easier to resolve the situation.
In the process of reconciliation, you may be forced to restore justice many times and return to the subject of your quarrel. Leave it empty. You have a relationship with a girl, this is a special situation, and so far there is no need to speak of any kind of justice either from your side or from the side of a girl. The third (intelligent and adult) person from the outside can figure it out, but you – not yet. Let it be for now.
What else can you do? Usually it is not enough to call at night, even if you have a brilliant idea that you were wrong and want to make peace. If this idea occurred to you at 2 am, wait until the morning: now the girl is sleeping, and if you tell her that you are an idiot and she is wonderful, then she will hear only the first. Wait until the morning.
By the way, in case of a serious quarrel, if a girl doesn’t call you, don’t call her right away without thinking. If you have nothing to say, then you will again hear in your address unfair accusations, and only. First of all, you need to scout the situation, sometimes it can be done through a girlfriend. It always makes sense to maintain a good relationship with a girlfriend of your girlfriend, sometimes you can learn very important things from her and her opinion on your girlfriend can be very strong. Use it. In this case, through it, you can find out when it is still impossible to call, and when – it’s time and just need.
What to do if there is no girlfriend and no such insider information? There is a secret figure – three days. If you decide to hold a pause and not immediately call, then you need to wait two days and call the third. The first day you can not call, because the girl is waiting for your call to tell you what an idiot you are. The second day she is already really waiting for your call, but she is still sure that you will call and therefore your call will not be much appreciated. But on the fourth day, she might think that you wouldn’t call her at all and on your nerves to do something stupid, at least in order to get revenge on you. Therefore – call on the third day. She is still waiting for your call and is ready to admit her wrong in some way.On your part, there can be another very strong move: you probably know for about how long your girlfriend leaves home for work or study in the morning and your duty is to come every morning and attach a bright bouquet of flowers to the door handle of her door. But that you were not. This is a sign that you love her, but you are not there, and she cannot swear at anyone. For a girl, this is both surprisingly pleasant and very annoying – in fact, all you need is for her to think about you. If you keep her so, on flowers, you can come to be reconciled and later than three days, so that she thinks better about her wrong.
But sooner or later you should still meet. Flowers with you, but give them only after you repent and the girl will forgive you.
It will be very cool if you start your conciliatory conversation with an understanding of her feelings (“Hello! Are you angry at me?”), Then briefly about your feelings, but in a positive way (“I miss you very much too”) and quickly apologize (“Forgive me, I want to tell you that I was wrong.”) There is a chance that you will hear in response: “It was me who was wrong. Understand that I was very angry with you,” which means that there is an angel and a treasure next to you. More often, the conversation is more difficult, the girl needs to “let off a pair.” She will throw charges at you, your task is to nod and to agree with everything. “You were wrong!” – “Yes”, “You did a bad thing” – “Yes, I was wrong, forgive me.”
Here the most important is your intonation: confident and strong. You are not a battered dog, but a man who made a new decision and wants to continue the relationship.
If you can redeem your fault with something – it’s time to do it. Do what you have been asked for a long time, and exactly as your friend wanted. Usually it is not very difficult, and she will be pleased.
And then – refer to the good that was in your relationship. Girls are very important memories. Tell her how she cares for you, how you ran to her first dates and did those terrible nonsense for her, how she froze and how her nose warmed – the main thing is for your friend to let you take her hand, gently stroke her and kiss her cute fingers. By the way, it can be very good if after that you don’t immediately insist on final reconciliation, that is, on sex, say “I came only to ask your forgiveness, thank you!” – and are going to leave. If she lets you go, then it’s right for today, and if she does, then you actually wanted to, but this was already her initiative. And this, as you understand, is much better.
And then, in the coming days, you have a warm SMS, calls for minor reasons (“Listen, there is a cool program on TV, you wanted to watch it! And I miss you too …”), the girls really enjoy it. And at meetings, she will often tell her how amazing she is, how you love her, to take care of her – and kiss her, kiss her!