About the conquest of women
Periodically I hear that a woman needs to be conquered (to conquer). Once I almost agreed with this thesis. But, since I felt a trick, I could not take it…

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Femininity as a way of life
If men take care of you a little, do not give up their place, admire little and say few compliments ... If you do not catch admiring glances of men…


Do you know how to love? Art of love
Few people can love. If the main thing for you in love is to receive from your beloved what you need, you love yourself, not him, and in this sense…

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Love languages
The language of love is the form and way in which one person gives his love to another. Love has its tongues. If you talk about your love in a…

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Is it possible to create love without love

Sometimes it works. Who and under what conditions?
Marriage of convenience
There are interesting observations: if a family is created by decent people who can be grateful, then over time their relationship can gradually include elements of romanticism, even if at first there was no love between them. As a result, an established relationship can grow into true love, it happens!
Not everyone can – fall in love. It’s like a talent – someone is deprived of it.
My friend, tormented by this question, when at the institute we, her friends, marched up, decided – and! I will take and also, consider, fall in love! And pretended. They live for 25 years, two children. There was no love and no, but affection and gratitude, the word “protect” appeared and does not disappear, unlike many who married for love, love. They have no vulnerable relationship, as in the feelings of some, every word is not perceived in hostility, everything is reasonable, correct. But it already seems to her that this is love compared to our sensual troubles.
You can not fall in love – do not strain. Do you want a family, children or fall in love? Solve yourself. If you want children, look for a good person, “fall in love” later. Maybe. It happens, and this is not the worst option.
My two friends. One married “a good man” (which is true), who adores her after 14 years of life. One son. All is well. But it became off scale, because sex for her is hard labor, and nature demands her own, she is a beautiful lady, they began to like other men. Got a couple of novels, rushed and tormented. He is also not very happy, and he offered to divorce peacefully so that no one tormented anyone. A friend was shocked, cried for 2 weeks, imagined her life without him – well, she really did not like it. Checked out and very much. Straight in love. Now they are waiting for the second child. I feel that she is still angry at some level, that everything is wrong and wrong, and the feeling that life has been lost and there was no romance, awe, sweet languor and all that. I’m sure that if a woman tried to lead him away, she would check it out even more.
The second. The beginning is the same. For a very long time there was a feeling of sadness, not mine, I wanted so much love, anger and contempt for a poor, innocent loving husband. It got to depression. Several years have passed. But then straightened. That very phase of deep love came – the person had something to respect, an attainer and a clever one, always developing, ambitious, very clever, easy and fun with him, a great sense of humor. And it began to light and like. The relationship moved to a new stage, and they have the same honeymoon, which was not at the beginning. It is in this phase that the real personal qualities of a person are so important. And she felt ashamed of herself somewhere that she was looking for beautiful eyes and a brunetness, and not the essence of a good person.
No one will give you a guarantee that by starting a relationship with someone who is not yours, you will like it later. I’m sure you heard a bunch of opposing stories, when at first the sparks flew, and then everything disappeared somewhere and people divorced.
Nikolai Ivanovich, to the topic of the newsletter: Katerina (my favorite) and I have built a relationship from a pure calculation. And happy, and love each other, and romance, we now have more than enough. Soon there will be a year like us together. Details of how it began and developed are in the subject on my site: I am looking for a companion of life. When I am asked about Love, I myself regularly rely on our experience in building relationships in this issue.