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Loved need attention signs

In life, everything happens. There are situations in life when a separate time is needed for love and a lot of time for it. For example, if a loved one lives in another city, then meetings will always take you a lot of time. Or give you time for joy? Whether you will set aside time for love or not – you decide for yourself. If you love your dear – you will.
However, it often happens differently, and loving and happy people do not spend time on love. Why? Because love can be made the background of your life – almost always.
For example: you are having breakfast or are going to have breakfast, but the beloved woman is next to you, and you can give her a special intonation of voice, a special look. Because you can admire your loved one, even if you are talking about food. Theme of food – but there are your views, intonations, jokes, the content of which will be: “I love you!”
In this case, love will not be a separate activity, it will just be the coloring of the background. And then there is no need for special time, it can happen all the time when you somehow intersect, come together, contact … You can always come up, touch your hand, hug, kiss, see … and continue to do things.
How long does it take? How long does it take to listen to music, if you turn it on, and do something yourself? What do you do? Deeds. Do you listen to music? I’m listening …
So you are doing business, and love will be included. Then it’s all the time, during which there is also love …
The film “What women want”
Sometimes a man can and should be reminded that there are loved ones near and dear to him.
Here love is first of all attention to the beloved, it is one of the main languages ​​of love. And attention to the beloved is first and foremost signs of attention.
Signs of attention – inexpensive things or simple actions that are done (give) because you remember someone and want to make him enjoyable.
Together at home – once again come up, touch, say a compliment in passing, share your thoughts and feelings (good feelings), listen and agree with something, look into your eyes more often and smile.
When at work or on the road – to call, send an SMS, when you return, bring and present a flower or a cute bauble.
In the company – to be more often with a loved one than with others, more often to ask his (her) opinion, and not the opinion of others, to mention and refer.
Together on the road – to lend a hand (male sign of attention), to offer something to eat (female sign of attention).
Where are the reasonable boundaries?
One girl on the consultation cried on the topic that she had little attention from her young man. When asked what was missing for her, she explained: “I need him to be with me all the time!” – “What time is it?” – “Well, about twelve hours a day!”
Do you need special comments here?
The most beloved person in the world – not one. In addition to our loved one, we naturally must and pay attention to something else – for example, parents, children, work, our hobbies, and housework. In all, including in love, there should be reasonable boundaries.
It can be useful for women to compare how much attention she gives to the child, and how much – to her beloved person. Often the comparison is not in favor of the beloved, and this is a danger to the subsequent relationship with him. See the Preservation and Development of Love
On the other hand, sometimes men seem to forget about their loved ones, completely plunging into work. It is not right. How to talk to a man so that he remembers his beloved wife and children?