Love and affection
If people are in a close relationship, then naturally, attachment will naturally arise between them.…

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Love languages
The language of love is the form and way in which one person gives his…


Love Formula
The formula of love should not be confused with the formula of love. The formula…

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How to create a relationship with love
Everyone knows that feelings are needed to create relationships with love. But few people remember…

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Parting as a life circumstance, as a reality – the decision that the future life together is inexpedient, physical removal (separation, termination of contacts) and termination of relations. Parting does not always end with the complete cessation of any relationship between people. It happens that parting turns out to be a stage towards the transition of relationships to a new qualitative level.
For people who are prone to worry, parting is a rich, beloved taleа ccompanied by deep experiences of usually negative nature. People usually begin to feel sadness, guilt, gratitude, love and other vivid emotions. Those who leave are beginning to be called “outcast”, which in the existing cultural tradition is considered a big blow to the person’s self-esteem and self-esteem. “Parting” – a popular theme of artistic and literary works.
Parting is what is understood and called by people as parting. There are no physical circumstances determining whether there is a separation or not. If a loved one went on a business trip for a month, a year or more, but he writes and loves – there is no separation, people did not part. If the lover said: “That’s it, we are breaking up!”, But he is also a work colleague at the same time – according to the tale there is a separation, although contacts continue.
Why do people break up? Because we are changing, because life is changing. Sometimes parting is natural, clear and easy, sometimes tragic and painful.
It is important to analyze the reasons for separation if both parties were initially set up for a long-term relationship.
One of the reasons for parting – cheating expectations. We waited for a miracle, painted a fairy tale in our fanatics – but it turned out … Dirty dishes, noisy children, tired husband … Where does this fairy tale come from? The period of acquaintance – the period of capture: everyone tries to show his best side and hide the worst. And that is true: after all, if you show your laziness now the second half will run away – you get a fairy tale, beautiful and having nothing to do with reality. The tale ends with the beginning of living together: where very earthly questions arise about who will wash the dishes, take out the bucket, walk the dog. She firmly believes that it is his duty, and he – that hers.
Another reason for parting is that people change at different speeds. Over time, people change attitudes, values ​​and other features. Each develops in its own way and, after a while, both people become completely different from what they were at the beginning of a relationship. In order to be together further, these “new” people must constantly re-learn to understand each other. Before parting, one of the partners changes his views so much that the other is outside his area of ​​interest. So, for example, it happens with some couples in which one of the partners suddenly began to earn much more money, got into a different situation, made new acquaintances and did not want (could not) introduce a loved one into this circle of interests.
Is it possible to avoid parting? – Sometimes yes. If you are dear to each other, everything is real. It so happens that one goes forward without stopping, and then it becomes a prerequisite for parting. But there is another option: one goes forward, but stops and takes the other’s hand. In prosperous and stable couples this is exactly what happens. This does not mean that one develops, and the other keeps up with him constantly. These roles are constantly changing. It is important that both always help each other develop.
What to do after breaking up? Lovers will suffer to do their favorite thing, that is, to suffer (see How to suffer from unhappy love), more mature people will start to go about their business and build new relationships: life goes on. It is useful to remember that the most important thing in this state is any creative actions and communication with reasonable people!