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Femininity as a way of life

If men take care of you a little, do not give up their place, admire little and say few compliments … If you do not catch admiring glances of men passing by … If there haven’t been flowers in your house for a long time … If you think that a man will not do it better than you and he cannot to commission anything … If a man says to you: “What are you arguing with me all the time ?!” – these are signs that you urgently need to return your femininity.
Where to begin? Go to the mirror and ask yourself: “What attitude does this woman cause to herself?”
– How she looks like? What do you want to do with it? Do you want to caress her? Or smile at her? Or regret? Or rejoice with her? And can feed? Or driving to the movies? Iron beautiful hair?
– How does she look? Does her look support? Or love? Or playing with you? Or is there a reproach, criticism? After all, this look you look at men …
– What is she wearing? She wants to admire? Or admire? Or undress? …
It’s all about you, dear ones. This is what people around you see. And this is something that can be improved and improved.
What to do next?
It’s simple: hang a sticker on the mirror with a question. What does this woman call herself? – And each time, seeing your reflection, ask yourself this question. Practice portraying a woman. Dear, kind, attentive, tender, passionate … (Complete yourself).
Better yet, ask the men what kind of woman they want to see next (Google help you).
Practice playing: it won’t take you long. Do it in the bathroom in the morning or in the evening when you wash: just stop in front of the mirror for a moment, turn on your imagination and acting skills – and play at least your face.
Smile. Smile mysteriously. Coquettishly. Zasusche Smile happily!
At first, it may be unusual and funny for you. Great: don’t do it too seriously, just play it! Remember: there is a lot of lightness and play in femininity.
So, once again: smile, make eyes, inflate lips, play with a look, ask for something with eyes, face, hands. Give something back – take it to you. Show with your eyes that you are tender and fragile. Show that you are a fire. Wow
Practice – and learn to implement their new skills in life. Start playing when dealing with men – check, they will like it! And always keep in mind (when communicating with a man) the main question – how he sees you now? What does he read when looking at you? What woman in front of him?
It will probably be fine if a man, communicating with you, sees in front of him a cheerful, happy, light, admiring and loving woman. Then he wants to smile back at you, wants to admire – and talk about something, realizing that a woman with such a look and facial expression will accept and listen to him now. Do not worry when you need to – he will take care of you, especially if instead of a silent reproach in the face and pursed lips, your man will see a smile and a warm request for help. And if you add to the expression of your face the admiration for his strength and skill … Mmmm …
We train, cute! Learn to be beautiful! Create your beautiful image!